Cecina smoke-cured beef D.O. León

With centuries of experience curing pork, it only makes sense that Spain has other cured meats to offer as well.

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Similar to Biltong in southern Africa and Bresaola in Italy, Cecina is a dark toasted cherry colour with a very faint marbling of fat. Its smoky flavour and melt-in-your mouth consistency is considered one of Spain's finest taste experiences. This Cecina, which is D.O. León, earns the highest "5C" designation - it is cured for at least 14 months with only air, salt, and wood smoke. 

Located on the high mesa northeast of Spain, the province of León is known for long, dry winters with long periods of below-freezing temperatures. The icy north winds make conditions ideal for curing beef. Artisans near the town of León have been smoke-curing meat from the hind legs of their famous cattle since the fourth century AD.

León's D.O. regulatory council ensures that the beef used to make 5C Cecina is the absolute best: the cattle must be autochthonous to the region, be at least five years old and weigh at least 400kg. Only four of the best hindquarter cuts are permissible, all of them rated 1A by the Spanish food protection authorities.

Our Cecina D.O. León was rated 3 stars (highest rating) in 2010 by the UK guild of fine food.

No preservatives, gluten free. 1,75 - 2,25kg.

“It tastes so good!!! I wish I wasn't so far from Spain! If only we could get some Spanish sunshine sent the same way :))”

–Leo Edwards, Llangollen, United Kingdom
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