Clean hands! Free range acorn fed shoulder, pre-sliced


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The party pack is for the ham lover who likes things simple and easy. It consists of an entire 4,6 kg iberian bellota shoulder ham, sliced and ready to eat! All the ham (at least 1,7 kg, usually more) has been sliced and packed in handy vacuum-sealed envelopes. What's more, the ham bone has been cut into pieces and vacuum packed as well. The bone still has quite a bit of ham on it - perfect for making out-of-this-world stews and soups.

This is a top-class acorn-fed shoulder ham from the Valle de los Pedroches, Córdoba, certified pure iberian. The pigs dine exclusively on acorns (bellotas) and other wild herbs and nuts that they forage for in the cool oak forests of the region. The curing process is traditional: eight days curing in sea salt, three months drying time at 10 degrees, a year in the drying house and then on to the bodega for curing until the ham is at its melts-in-your-mouth best.

The party pack is a Spanish dinner party in a box. Makes a great gift!

“All very efficient and as importantly (or more so!) tasty!”

–Mark Morgan, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
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