Organic Chorizo Sausages (3)


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The Spanish classic, made with the best ingredients and no additives. The barest tingle of spicy locally-grown red pepper lingers in the background but doesn't overwhelm. Must be tasted to be believed. Like all La Gleva sausages, the chorizo is cured in natural intestine, so you don't have to peel them. Pack of three 120g sausages.

Ingredients: ham (organic shoulder ham and jamón), organic bacon, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic cane sugar, organic sweet red pepper, organic spicy red pepper, organic garlic.

About La Gleva
Founded in 1896 in the foothills of the Pyrenees, La Gleva ("the Glade") is a town that hasn't changed much since 1896, when the Gil family started growing grain, raising pigs and making really tasty sausages by hand. The family never switched over to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or intensive farming of any kind. Today the operation is certified organic and the sausages are the best we've tasted.

About the CCPAE organic certification
Certiied organic by the Catalan Council for Organic Agriculture (CCPAE,, which follows the EU requirements for organically produced meats. Specifically:

All animals must graze on wild pastureland and/or be fed with certified organic feed (grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides) on certified organic land. Only organic fertilizers can be used with a nitrogen fertilizer limit of 170 kgN / ha per year.

Preventative use of antibiotics is prohibited

Strict regulations for animal density, availability of grazing land, well-ventilated and naturally illuminated shelter, feed quality must be followed.


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