A solid ham holder and a quality knife are really worthwhile investments, not just for safety but for a better taste, too. You'll get more value and more pleasure from your ham with thinner slices.

  • Professional Cortador knife and tool set

    The ultimate Hamlover's knife and tool set, packed in a smart handmade leather knife roll with fixed individual sheaths for maximum protection for...


  • save £90.00

    Jamotec F1 ultimate ham holder

    Hamlovers exclusive!

    The Jamotec F1 is, bar none, the finest ham holder in the world. It is the result of Jamotec's...

    £725.00  £635.00

  • Jamotec J4P folding ham stand

    Jamotec makes the finest ham holders in the world. The best of the Jamotec product line, available at...


  • Jamotec Boneless Ham Holder

    Once again, the engineers at Jamotec do not...


  • Jamotec J2 pro ham holder

    Jamotec makes the finest ham holders in the world. The best of their product line, available at...


  • Hamlovers Premier Plus edition ham knife by F. Dick

    Fully forged from high carbon stainless steel, the 26 cm (10") blade is extremely hard and razor sharp yet will bend to 45 degrees, offering the...


  • Jamotec JP rotary ham holder

    Featuring Jamotec's patented dual-axis rotating cuff, the JP is the affordable ham holder from Jamotec. Constructed of sturdy polypropylene...


  • Basic ham holder

    Essential for ham cutting, a ham holder also displays the ham beautifully. The parts that touch your ham are made of wood and stainless steel. The...


  • Arcos Pro Ham Knife 24cm

    Guaranteed for 10 years, these Arcos Ham Knives are found in well-equipped home and restaurant kitchens throughout Spain. The blade is forged from...