Spanish Brandy and Liqueurs

Enjoy one of these authentic tastes of Spain in your own home!

  • Ruavieja sampler set

    Try all four varieties of Ruavieja, Spain's refreshing distilled after-dinner liqueur - crema, aguardiente, hierbas, and café. A delicious...


  • Osborne Magno Solera Brandy

    Magno is the acknowledged king of Spanish "Jerez", or sherry brandy. Its most outstanding characteristic is an incredibly smooth palate that makes...


  • Terry Centenario Solera brandy

    The ubiquitous Spanish brandy to be found in every single bar in Spain, from the humblest chiringuito to the finest hotels, Terry is a national...


  • 103 Solera brandy

    Matured for more than twelve months in oak barrels, Osborne's Solera 103 is a mild Jerez Brandy that soothes the soul. 103 ("ciento tres") is...


  • Ruavieja Liqueur

    Made in Santiago de Compostela in North Eastern Spain, this 'orujo de hierbas' is a distilled liquor. One of the most popular in Spain, Rua Vieja...