Castro y Gonzalez: paleta ibérica de bellota

£124.50 (£22.64/kg)

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 Pure-bred Iberian pigs, free range, cured minimum 18 months
 Diet of acorns and other wild plants
 Weight: 5,3 - 5,5kg

These superb acorn-fed, free range, Iberian shoulder demonstrate the rich family traditions and artesanal procedures of Castro & González: experience the intense aroma and rich flavour of these delightful shoulder hams (paletas). They're acorn fed, free range, Iberian breed pigs; basically they tick all the boxes. They come from one of the best ham regions of Spain, the town of Guijuelo in beautiful Salamanca. And they're cured for up to 3 years, that's longer than some lesser quality shoulder hams and it's reflected in their rich, rounded flavour.

We find that the Castro y González hams and shoulders can compete with the very finest free range acorn fed Iberian products for quality, but at a more competitive price than many other brands.

NB: the ham holder in the photo is not included.

About Castro y González (C&G)

Castro y González is a family run business with over a hundred years’ experience in traditional Iberian pig farming.

Founded in 1910, C&G grew rapidly in the 1940s when Aurelio Castro made some technical advances in the curing process, yet still respecting the traditional methods of Guijuelo, Salamanca, one of the areas of Spain whose natural climate, topography and vegetation are ideal for free range Iberian pig farming. Aurelio Castro was one of several generations of the family whose passion and dedication to their craft have made the business one of the most recognised producers in Spain. The particular climate, wide open spaces and abundant acorns from indigenous oak trees are ideal for the Iberian pigs to forage. When combined with an extended curing time and traditional artesan methods, the final results are an unmistakeable aroma and taste with its subtle flavours.


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